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Since I began performing as a professional artist in 2011, I’m proud to say that my work and involvement in the New York City community have energized me to engage with a wider audience by sharing personal stories for articles, podcasts, hosting events, and other media updates. Check out some of my latest headlines below.

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Drama Desk Awards 2024

Congratulations to all nominees for the Drama Desk Awards 2024.

Thanks for the invitation. An inspiring evening! 

June 11, 2024

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 Photoshoot | Athens Greece

With the outstanding view of the Acropolis the most striking and complete ancient Greek monumental complex at the luxurious InterContinental Athenaeum Athens, A connection of fashion and art with the beautiful unique creation of clothes by the Greek fashion designer Kostis Von Kas with the talented eyes of the photographer Dimitris Vlaikos.

May 03, 2024

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Entertainment Community Fund Gala 2024

Attending the Entertainment Community Fund Gala in New York 2024 at the Marriott Marquis Theater in New York


April 08, 2024

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Promo Shoot | Chengdu China

Promo shoot for the App iPLAY at Marphy’s Playhouse Chengdu Chinna.

January 28, 2024

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Broadway Goes Hollywood |
El Economista Newspaper review

I'm so happy with this glowing review in the “El Economista.” By Ricardo Quiroga.

“But, without a doubt, the one who took away the night, who sympathized with the audience, was the master of ceremonies Glauco Araujo, an actor and dancer born in Brazil, but residing in the United States, who made an effort to connect with the public speaking a few words in Spanish, joking, greeting the people who were stationed on the roofs adjacent to the Alhóndiga Esplanade. And people responded to him, made fun of him, fed his jokes with laughter and shouts.”

Published October 14, 2023

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Broadway Goes Hollywood |
Proceso Magazine review

The wonderful review in the “Proceso newspaper” by Carmen Pizano. 

“Glauco Araujo was the host of the event, he offered a detailed explanation of the history and evolution of the industries with a touch of mischief and good interaction with the public, a key fusion to give rise to the interpretation of the selected pieces.”

Published October 14, 2023

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Broadway Goes Hollywood |
Periódico Correo Newspaper

Feature at the "Periódico Correo" newspaper. 

Published October 13, 2023

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Broadway Goes Hollywood |
Milenio Newspaper

Feature at the "Milenio" newspaper. 

Published October 13, 2023


Festival Internacional De La Costa Del Seno Mexicano

Published September 07, 2023

I'm thrilled to be Master of Ceremonies for “Broadway Goes Hollywood “ for the El Festival Internacional De La Costa Del Seno Mexicano on October 15 at the Teatro Amalia G. de Castillo Ledón in the Ciudad Victoria. The festival will be held in the state of Tamaulipas from October 12 to 22 and will feature 27 international, 69 national, and 112 presentations by Tamaulipas artists.

BGH was commissioned by the US Embassy of Mexico and originally performed at The 51 Festival International Cervantino. 






#tamaulipas #CulturayArte



51 Festival International Cervantino

Published August 30, 2023

I'm thrilled to be Master of Ceremonies on the sold-out opening night for “Broadway Goes Hollywood “with an audience of over five thousand at the 51 Festival International Cervantino with Orquesta Sinfónica de la Universidad de Guanajuato conducted by Maestro Roberto Beltran-Zavala in the historic city of Guanajuato, joining 2,200 artists from 31 countries in this vibrant and historic celebration of the performing arts. 

Thanks to the US Embassy of Mexico for the invitation and Felicitaciones por el cinquenta e uno Festival Internacional Cervantino. 






#CervantinoEsContigo #NosVemosEnGuanajuato 


Bistro Awards 

The BISTRO AWARDS, the oldest award of its kind in the industry, celebrates cabaret, jazz and comedy artists. The Bistro Awards was established by Bob Harrington in 1985 in his “Bistro Bits” column in Backstage, which was a trade weekly under the editorship of Sherry Eaker at the time.  


This year the ceremony was hosted by Scott F. Manson and myself. It was a tremendous honor to be part of The Bistro Awards team this year. And, it was certainly humbling and thrilling for me to think that I was standing on the same stage as some of the past honorees, like Eartha Kitt, Liza Minnelli, 

Dionne Warwick and Carol Channing, among many other legends. 

Published April 17, 2023


Daughter of the Bride | Feature Film

I’ve gotten “married again” in yet another film! The movie is called “The Daughter of the Bride” and it opened in theaters last Friday. This romantic comedy tells the story of Diane, a mature woman played by Marcia Gay Harden, who announces to her daughter that she’s engaged to a mystery man — and everyone’s life gets turned upside down in this entertaining rom-com. What a fun movie and a great experience for me!

Published February 06, 2023


How Not do Date While Trans | Short Film by Nyala Moon |
Screening Schedule and Awards

“How Not to Date While Trans” explores the intrigue, as well as the many challenges, of the dating life of a black trans woman. In this dark comedy, we live through the events and experiences of the main character, portrayed by superstar Nyala Moon as Andie, trying to navigate the roller-coaster ride of a trans woman dating on the complex and comical journey of mating and dating. It was great being part of this unique and wonderful break-through film. It is now screening all over the world and being well-received by the critics. I feel so honored to being part of such an important film. 

Won - Best Short Film

2022 - Inside Out Toronto 2SLGBTQ+ Film Festival

2022 - Seattle Queer Film Festival 

2022 - Bendigo Queer Film Festival

​Won - Best Narrative Short

2022 - Translations Film Festival

2022 - Out On Film: Atlanta's LGBTQ Film Festival

2022 - Gaze International LGBTQ+ Film Festival

2022 - Wicked Queer Boston's LGBTQ+ Film Festival

2022 - Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival

2022 - San Francisco International LGBTQ+ Film Festival

2022 - Vancouver Queer Film Festival 2022 - aGLIFF/Prism Film Festival

2022 - NEWFEST - The New York LGBTQ+ Film Festival 

2022 - Iris Prize LGBTQ+ Film Festival 

2022 - Bushwick Film Festival

Published August to November 2022


Bellevue Love Story | Short Film by Michael Wolfe | 
Screening Schedule

​Playing Vidal in the film “A Bellevue Love Story” was such an amazing ride. As a dancer myself, like Vidal, it was an intense experience expressing an art form that requires practicing hours in front of mirrors, to achieve what sometimes felt like an unattainable ideal. Thank you to our amazing director, Michael Wolfe,  who crafted all the characters in this film with such impeccable creative detail, and to all my amazing fellow actors and crew. What a team! 

2022 - New York Shorts International Film Festival

2022 - Soho International Film Festival

2022 - North Hollywood Cinefest

2022 - New York CineFest

2022 - Richmond International Film Festival

2022 - Manhattan Film Festival

2022 - Bushwick Film Festival

2022 - 12th Annual Queens World Film Festival

Published May to November 2022


On The Case with Paula Zahn | TV Show

Woo-hoo!!! I'm on TV!

Clip from "On the Case With Paula Zahn," where I play the criminal suspect, which is airing on ID: The Investigation Discovery Channel.

Published April 19, 2022


Savoir Faire Magazine | Interview

Thank you to everyone at “Savoir Faire Magazine's" -- Winter Issue. I had a great time doing the interview answering provocative questions.  

Published January 13, 2022


Little Christmas Miracles | Review

So happy for this praise in the press! “Little Christmas Miracles” receives a glowing review in the “Theater Scene.” I’m delighted to be acknowledged by Darryl Reilly in this review. 

“With his sunny countenance, animated vocal delivery and lithe physicality, Glauco Araujo offers a sterling characterization of Jake.“

Published December 12, 2021


NYC City Guide

We're in “NYC City Guide” bursting with the spirit of the holiday... our magical “Little Christmas Miracles” brings to life the true spirit of this festive season. 

Published November 29, 2021 


New York Theatre Guide

Come live the spirit of the holiday this year with “Little Christmas Miracles.”

Published November 24, 2021 


Talkin' Broadway Magazine

Catch “Little Christmas Miracles” in the magazine “Talkin’ Broadway.”

Published November 18, 2021 

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From November 20th to January 3rd. I’m thrilled to be playing a modern-day Daniel Boone bachelor in this adorable Christmas story -- it's the perfect entertainment for the holiday season.

Published November 08, 2021 



Come to see me in “Saudades” the staged reading I will be performing on 10/27 at 7 pm at the following address - 55 Bond St. in Manhattan, NYC. 

Published October 19, 2021 


Color Me Poetry Podcast

I just did an interview for “Color Me Poetry” productions. It's a video podcast where artists are interviewed from all over New York City. 

Published September 20, 2021 


The Tragedy Academy Podcast

My friends, I'm the next guest on “The Tragedy Academy Podcast,” where I share a bit of my personal life, and how I built a career in dance and acting from Rio to New York. I hope you guys will listen in and hear about my journey. 

Published June 14, 2021 


Respeita a minha história Brazilian Podcast

My friends, I'm the next guest on “Respeita a minha história Podcast,” where I talked about my childhood, my career, and many good laughs as well. 

Published June 06, 2021 



Don't miss Triangle Theatre Company for a reading of "People Will Talk” -- six one-act plays. 

Published May 20, 2023


Impacto Latino Newspaper | Interview

Hola Amigos!

The print version is available from my interview in the newspaper “Impacto Latino,” So excited! 

Published May 07, 2021 

Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 4_edited.jpg

Jornal Extra Alagoas | Brazilian Newspaper

I just did a great interview for the newspaper “Jornal Extra Alagoas” in Brazil. It was wonderful to share a little bit of my story coming from a very small town -- filled with hopes and dreams -- and moving to the capital of the world, New York City.

Published May 02, 2021 

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ND Mais | Brazilian Newspaper

I just did an interview for the newspaper “ND+” in the coluna “Mundo Maria,” in Brazil. I share about my life and building a career in dance and acting in New York.

Published April 30, 2021 


Revista Alagoana | Brazilian Magazine

My friends, I'm so happy to share this wonderful article from “Revista Alagoana” published online in Brazil. 

Published April 29, 2021 

Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 7.11_edited.jpg

Hybla Minute Podcast

My friends, I'm the next guest on “Hybla Minute Podcast,” broadcast from Canada, where I share a bit of how I built a career in dance and acting from Rio to New York. I hope you guys will listen in and hear about my journey.

Published April 15, 2021 


Portal RBN | Brazilian Newspaper

So happy to share an article about my career from Bahia’s newspaper “Portal RBN” located in the North of Brazil.

Published April 09, 2021 


Sopa Cultural | Brazilian Newspaper

There's a wonderful spread on my career in the Sopa Cultural, an online publication, about theater, cinema and music.

Published April 08, 2021


Into The New World Wins Award

Wonderful news! The amazing director Jieun Lee of “Into the New World, ” a short film, has won Best Experimental Film at the New York Independent Cinema Awards. 

Published March 24, 2021 


Vam Magazine

My friends, I'm so happy to share this wonderful article from “VAM Magazine” published online in Brazil.

Published March 18, 2021 


Our Town Newspaper

So excited to be featured in the newspapers “East Side Our Town, ” “West Side Spirit, ” “Chelsea News,” and “Our Town Downtown.” The print version will be available this Thursday. Thank you so much, Angela, it was a tremendous pleasure.

Published March 09, 2021


A Moment of your time Podcast

I'm the next guest on the “A Moment Of Your Time” Podcast. It is a creative space for sharing insights and self-expression. Here I share how the movies became my safe haven and my escape into fantasy.

Published March 05, 2021 


Diversity Rules Magazine

I’m on the cover of the March issue of the magazine “Diversity Rules.” Incredibly honored by this interview.

Published March 01, 2021


El Especial Newspaper

Featured this week in the newspaper/magazine “El Especial.” Excited to be interviewed by this wonderful publication.

Published February 22, 2021 


The Entrepreneur Speaks Podcast

I'm the next guest on “The Entrepreneur Speaks Podcast,” where I share a bit of my path from Brazil to New York. I hope you guys will listen in and hear about my journey.

Published February 20, 2021 


The Brasilians Newspaper

I’m sharing an article from the “Brasilians Newspaper” in New York that recently interviewed me about how artists are surviving during the Covid pandemic.

Published January 07, 2021


A Tango to Remember Wins Award

A Tango To Remember has won the Cinematic award at the Cyprus International Film Festival - Golden Aphrodite.

Published November 22, 2020


Danza En Escena Magazine

OLÉ!!! I’m in the November edition of "Danza en Escena" — a popular magazine from Spain.

Published November 11, 2020


Noticia y El Correo Newspaper

Today an article about my career was published in the Spanish-language newspaper, "Noticia y El Correo," which is a New York publication. I'm very excited about this piece and want to share it with all my friends.

Published November 06, 2020


Diário do Grande ABC Brazilian Newspaper

Thrilled to be on the cover page today in the newspaper “Diário do Grande ABC” in São Paulo, Brazil.

Published October 18, 2020


Brazilian Times Newspaper

There's a wonderful spread on my career in the Brazilian Times newspaper that was just published online and in hard copy. If you read this article in hard copy, you will able to see the exclusive photoshoot session that I did on the Brooklyn Bridge by the wonderful photographer Joshua Ramos.

Published October 16, 2020


Stop What You're Doing Wins Award

Stop What You’re Doing - A Music Video is the winner at The Athens International Digital Film Festival.

Published October 15, 2020


A Tango To Remember Wins Award

More wonderful news! ”A Tango To Remember,” a poignant tale about an elderly couple dealing with Alzheimer's just won for The Best Woman Filmmaker at The Atman Film Festival in Hollywood. Thanks to the fabulous director and my co-star, Severine Reisp, as well as my fellow actors in the film.

Published October 10, 2020 

IMG_0186 2_edited_edited.jpg

Dance For Freedom Wins Award

Recently, I performed in a short bio-pic entitled Dance for Freedom, directed by Severine Reisp, highlighting the challenges people of color face today, and which has garnered recognition as the First-Place Recipient of the Dr. David Milch Foundation/CCNY short film competition.

In her review, juror, Timberly Whitfield program executive, and producer for A&E, as well as a host on the History Channel and A&E, wrote: “Glauco Araujo is a beautiful dancer and you capture him in such a way that really moved me. I felt inspired by his story that even in the face of racism he doesn't see himself as a victim. Strong production values. You checked all the boxes on this one — FANTASTIC!”

Published September 07, 2020 


A Tango To Remember Wins Dance Magazine Award

Wonderful news! “A Tango to Remember, ” a short film, is being featured in ”Dance Magazine” as the ”Video of the Month” Winner. The physical copy of the magazine will be available in November with a brief description of the film. 

Published September 02, 2020


Glowing review for Adrift from The Times Square Chronicles

”Adrift, ” Richard Alleman’s short play receives a glowing review in the ”Times Square Chronicles.” I am delighted to be acknowledged by Ross in this review:

”Betsy (played by two-time Tony nominee Alison Fraser) longs for something more, alongside interactions of the less virtuous kind with the handsome and sweet-talking Flavio, played seductively by the appealing Glauco Araujo (Spielvogel’s Come Back Once More).”

Published August 31, 2020 

Untitled Design_edited.jpg


I'm inviting you all to my virtual performance in an original play.

Adrift by Richard Alleman, Featuring two-time Tony nominee Alison Fraser (Secret Garden, Romance/Romance) along with Glauco Araujo, Karen Archer, and Anthony Newfield.

Reading will stream via Cape May Stage’s Virtual Theater on Vimeo on Demand and Cape May Stage’s Facebook page on August 20th at 6:00 PM

A wealthy WASP couple tries to escape the horrors of a dystopian world by living full-time aboard a luxury cruise ship.

Published August 20, 2020



Don't miss EAG's one-night-only online on June 11th for a special benefit reading of "ADRIFT" by Richard Alleman and Directed by Anthony Newfield.

All proceeds from this reading will go to the charitable programs of the Episcopal Actors' Guild which has been providing emergency financial assistance and career support to NYC's professional performing artists of all faiths and none since 1923.

Tickets to this special live online event start at just $15: 

Published June 11, 2020 


Revista do Villa | Brazilian Magazine

There’s a wonderful spread on my career that was just published online in the Arts & Culture magazine “Revista do villa.”

Published June 03, 2020 


A Tango To remember Wins Award

A Tango to Remember just won the best Romance Film at the Los Angeles Film Awards.

Published April 02, 2020 


Ruminate Wins Award

Ruminate Wins Best Musical/Dance at Los Angeles Film Awards.  

Published September 03, 2019 


Ruminate Wins Award

Ruminate wins for Best Romance/Musical and Best Dance Choreography at The Oniros Film Awards.

Published July 29, 2019

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